Due to the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted to long closure of educational institutions nationwide as in other countries, the annual Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony, which usually takes place in July, in partnership with the school management, was shifted this year to December as a result of disruption in schools calendar.


At this year’s ceremony, the Chairman Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) Dr. Mrs Ekaette Ebong Okon ably represented by the Director Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate of the Board, Mr. Joseph Eton, congratulated the graduating students for completing six years of Secondary education and acknowledged the role God has played in the course of their Secondary education.


The chairman advised the students to brave up to face the world before them as some of them will have opportunity to aspire into Tertiary Institutions while some may not. She admonished them that the world now is more complex and therefore survival is the most important issue of concern. It is all about how do you survive, how do you eat, how can one solve the problems of the day. She urged those who may not be able to continue in the academic world to go learn skills, trades, go into sports etc. These may be very useful as life long learning for sustainable living rather than loaf around and become problems to their parents.


For those who would eventually gain admissions into the Tertiary Institutions, she asked them to be diligent and remain focus in their academic. She used the opportunity to encourage the girls to be more focused in life and aspire to the highest height in life.


The Board Chairman commended the Principal of the school, extolling his administrative qualities and asked him not to relent effort but continue to forge ahead for greater success.

To the Alumni the Chairman acknowledged their contributions over the years and effort to continuously re-position the School noting that government was appreciative of their good works.


The President Mr. Aniekan Willie speaking on behalf of the Alumni, promised to continually partner with the the School,Community and Government to ensure that the school is re-positioned for the betterment of the children.

Cash gifts and special awards were given to 32 students, teachers and the Principal for academic, administrative excellence and outstanding deeds.

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