Committed to tackling the dwindling fortunes in the Education Sector in Akwa Ibom State, the State Government led by the indefatigable Executive Governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, hosted the First Educational Summit and Exhibition in Nigeria in 2019. The submit brought together all the “egg- heads” and subject matter experts in the education Sector all over the World  to  brainstorm for the way forward in a bid to changing the narratives of the sector in the State. Over 3000 active participants from Nigeria were in attendance.

The objectives were

  1. To create a platform for experts to brainstorm on various issues aimed at bettering the quality and fortunes of the Education Sector in Akwa Ibom State.
  2. To analyze critically the existing ideas, profer solutions, garner ideas for restructuring the system to be more functional and enable the students gain qualitative education and be opened to get better jobs in the labour market.
  3. Strengthen the free and compulsory Education program of the State government and ensure quality for the teeming youths from primary to secondary classes.
  4. Re- jig the curriculum to accommodate skills and vocational trades that will enable students to be useful to themselves and the State at completion of their schooling.
  5. Prepare teachers with best practice methodology and new technology to train pupils and students to meet up the train in the fast growing World of ours.
  6. Revamp our structures to meet up international standards where pupils and students have available facilities to learn and compete with their peers world over.

The submit led to the composition of a high caliber committee to chart a 10 years “road- map” for the Educational Sector. The committee is led by a highly acknowledged International Scholar, Prof. Hillary Inyang.

It is our ardent belief that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s huge investment and  commitment to transforming the system will pay off in the coming year.

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